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Kundali Vishleshan (Jodhpur)

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Vedic astrology is established on the teachings of the Vedas. Only the planets till Saturn are used in Hindu Astrology. Janam Kundali prediction report consists of detailed Kundali analysis that can forecast the good and bad times, or phases, for the native to act accordingly. The high accuracy of Vedic forecasts is also because of the study of Dashas or the period. Kundali is the astrological chart of life drawn on the basis of planetary positions at the time of birth. When analyzing the Dasha of your planets, the future events are detected. This method expands the area of Indian astrology from the limited self to the larger events that are going to be extended quickly. According to the ancient texts, there are twelve Rashis in astrology. Our lives will be impacted by the planetary placement through this Rashis.

Kundali has three pillars; they are Lagna, Sun, and the Moon. At the time of the birth, one Rashi will be rising on the eastern horizon and that will be known as “Lagna”. Lagna is also known as the first Bhav in the Kundali. Through analyzing or Vishleshan the Lagna, and the planetary placement, aspects, phases on Lagna, and the personality of the native are fixed. A Kundali also forecasts the favorable and unfavorable timing in life. If the planetary influence on Lagna is strong, then the person will obviously have a good, powerful, and influential personality. This person will have the power to face any challenges in their lives. The Moon has a very crucial role in Astrology. It indicates mind, emotions, and comfort. Great planetary placement in the Rashi which Moon stays shows the person will have a good relationship with mother, a strong mind, and comforts in a lifetime. Sun indicates power and energy and if the Rashi which the Sun placed is strong, then the person will be very powerful. Another best feature of Vedic astrology is Mahadasha, which is fixed on the basis of the Nakshathra and Moon. This Mahadasha will tell about the timing of events in life like the time of childbirth, job, marriage, travel, and many other events.

By detailed Kundali, Pandit NM Shrimali will be able to do a complete analysis of the person’s life and that will help the person to make good decisions in their life. If you want to know about your life and analyzing your Kundali “Pandit NM Shrimali” is the best option.

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